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Hostel versus off Campus/ Advantages & Disadvantages Of Staying In School Hostel. (NO. 5 is a Shocker)

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To start with, whether you are a fresher or a returning student, one most crucial, important decision you have to make during your life is whether to live in the hostel (MALABOR) or off campus (OFF K) . Though, it’s highly prescribed that fresher’s should consider staying in the hostel for full session so as to be in a better position to decides for themselves. The idea is pretty good. But, I strongly believe it’s fully dependent on the student in question.

This post focuses to give fresher’s the enablement to know the advantages and Disadvantages of living either in the hostel or off campus.

“Hostel life gives you the full opportunity of studies. You can constantly in touch with young people of your age and can do alot of other activities except from studying. You can make friends with fellow hostel mate (malabite/malabreses) who have diverse taste attitude which can help you out in studying well. One may choose his/her friend according to individual like and Interest and can spend quality time even after lectures or school hours. Mutual discussion of their favorite film artists, story telling, add charm to hostel life. Good arrangements of games and sports including eating, dancing, singing,yabbing competition, and day to day  merry making, makes the hostel life a thing of envy for all. Apart from fun leisure activities, malabite and malabress (hosteler) have a unique unity and are always ready to help one another whenever need.”

Advantages of living in school hostel:

  1. You will learn to learn to tolerate with person of extreme different personalities.

  2. Free medical care in school.

  3. Reading: staying in hostel give you the chance to meet with person who reads alot.seeing them doing it makes you enthusiastic about  reading.

  4. Closeness to class: staying in school hostel makes you manage your time and money properly. It makes you get to class on time and this will make you get a good seat close to where you can easily hear lectures.

  5. Hostelers are provided with free water and 24hrs electricity.

Disadvantages of living in school hostel:

  1. You will continue to reapply for hostel every year.

  2. Bad habit are copied from hostel mates

  3. Theft

  4. Heat

  5. Dirty toilet and hostel environments

  6. Noise

Advantages of living in off campus:

  1. Freedom: you can doctorate your room the way you want , have your girlfriend over, keep beer in ur fridge and use on site amenities. Nobody to talk to you,you ain’t under anyone jurisdiction. You are totally independent.

  2. Adult life experience.

  3. Make your own decisions without anyone’s negative influence.

Disadvantages of living in off campus: 

  • Living off campus can complicate meeting up with friends or keeping abreast of event and social function on campus. Off campus housing is typically further away from classroom and other resources, requiring student to budget more time to walk or drive to campus,and commuting to school can be an obstacle. Staying outside school, depending on the location of his/her apartment. It’s also require a student to budget more money because you pay for almost anything you utilize.such as: water, light, kerosene,gas etc

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