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Six(6) Signs He Wants To Break Up With You

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A break up may be inevitable or it may come as a surprise to you, but you can see the signs and at least be prepared for the jolt, when your man breaks up with you, it can be a shock it can be hurtful and it can send you life into a tailspin. Here are some signals that could mean trouble for your wedding plans.

  1. He stops texting you so mush and practically doesn’t send any fun or silly messages anymore.
  2. What you talk about is general, you aren’t having intimate conversation anyone.
  3. He’s not returning phone calls or text for days at a time instead of the hot and heavy frenzy that you are use to.
  4. He ignores you alot,he’s constantly checking his phone. He wants to be someplace else and not with you.
  5. He becomes distant, he maybe right there in from of you but his mind is somewhere else.
  6. He’s not around much anymore. That’s just the way dudes are. They’d rather avoid you than tell you what’s up.

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